Cash management problems?

Numus can help your store with less hassle and better control over your cash. It all starts by ending the manual counting.

What is Numus?

Numus is the only cash payments service that covers the whole cash life-cycle, from the cash drawer to the bank account.

Using top-class hardware combined with an intelligent software, your store will become counting-free and much more efficient and secure. Discrepancies will be automatically highlighted and all processes will be automated.

Everything is included in a monthly fee, no initial investment is required. No refitting is needed in the store.




Numus on RTLZ: How It’s Done – 02/15/2020

Our Offer

4 different versions to meet your expectations.

Numus Basic

This is the simplest option. We provide you with a smart drawer and access to the Numus platform. You can already stop counting your cash manually and  keep track  of every single cash transaction. No connection to the POS system is required.

Numus Plug & Play

This option adds up a front- office smart safe. The Numus platform will allow to detect the discrepancies and manage change money more efficiently. Just as the Numus Basic version, Numus Plug & Play doesn’t require any connection to the existing POS software.

Numus Full Connect

Numus Full Connect relies on an API-based integration with the POS system. This will provide real-time discrepancy management at the checkout. Every difference is immediately highlighted on the POS screen and the cashier can act on it.

Numus Cash as a Service

This version covers the whole cycle. Money is credited on your Numus account as soon as it gets in the drawer. Armored trucks will bring the money to the bank. The money from the Numus account can be credited on your bank account upon request. 

Who can use Numus?

If your customers can pay cash, you can use Numus.



With high levels of sales, supermarkets are subject to many issues related to cash: counting mistakes, argues between employees, lost amounts, bad change money management… All of this can be a source of problems for managers.



Transactions amounts at bakeries are quite low, so the proportion of payments made with cash is huge. On top of this, cash should be carefully handled because of hygiene measures, avoiding direct contact with food.

Fashion stores

Fashion stores

Fashion stores also get high levels of cash, especially during the sales period. Transactions are then handled as quickly as possible, often with several employees using the same checkout, allowing many mistakes.


Think cash is dead? Think again.


Cash is the most widely used payment method in the world.


Cash differentiates from electronic payment methods by leaving no digital trace.


Cash is the first payment method that came after bartering and is still used after over a thousand years. The first paper notes in the world appeared in the 11th century in China.

Source: 2018 World Cash Report (G4S)


It is proven that consumers spend less when they hand over cash for their purchases. Cash allows to clearly see how much you have.


Cash is seen as a trusted and secure payment method that can be used immediately. It will always work, even when power or internet is down.


Many people save cash at home to be able to do payments in case of a crisis.


Historical cash management knowledge.

The concept idea of Numus was initiated within Transtrack International, Numus’ previous mother company. Transtrack International has a focus on cash management for the higher cash industry (commercial and central banks, cash-in-transit companies, cash centres…) for over 30 years. We have been able to take advantage of this valuable experience and use it to develop a state-of-the-art software. Teaming up with the best hardware companies, we are now able to provide a premium service for retailers who still want to accept cash, without undergoing the cash management hassle.  

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