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Numus started with the idea that handling of cash payments should be as easy as card payments. Card and electronic payments are very easy for a retailer but cash money is still a lot of hassle. Hassle because of counting, discrepancies, security, investigations, back-office processes, transporting and the management of everything. It takes a lot of time and is expensive. Numus helps you to a get grip on your cash and cost. 

We are a young a team of professionals with vast experience in payment systems, retail and process optimization. We are all passionate to make the use of cash as efficient as possible for all type of retailers. In Numus we say yes to cash and invite you to a world where cash payments are your ally.

We are the first company having its core business in taking care of the whole process of cash payments: from till to bank. We are laser-focused in providing a reliable service. Our exclusive software platform connects all hardware and automates and controls the overall cash management process.

Numus is leading the revolution in cash payments offering you efficiency, security, control and comfort.