Numus relies on a team of professionals with vast experience in payment systems, retail and process optimization. We are all passionate to make the use of cash as efficient as possible for all type of retailers. In Numus we say yes to cash and invite you to a world where cash payments are your ally.

Numus belongs to Transtrack International, market leader in software solutions for cash handling in the banking industry. With more than 27 years of experience and operations in 21 countries it gives a solid foundation to the Numus project.

Our Vision

Cash acounts for a significant amount of transactions and it cannot be ignored. Numus responds to the necessity of retailers for reducing manual tasks and increasing in-store efficiency. Additionally Numus tackles the security issues when handling cash increased by its lack of trackability and visibility of the old-fashioned methods. Numus brings technological innovation to take a step forward toward the retail of the future while taking advantage of the opportunity of offering cash payments to your clients.

We are the first company having as a core business the whole process of cash payments from till to bank. We are laser-focused in providing a reliable service. Our exclusive software platform involves all parties while managing any incident. Numus is leading the revolution in cash payments for your security.

What makes us happy is when our clients have no more hassle handling cash.