State-of-the-art equipment.

Automatic counting drawer: the SMARTtill© from APG

APG is a trusted company operating for over 40 years in the cash management sector. They produce cash drawers, both traditional and intelligent, for their many clients all around the globe. The company’s experience makes it one of the most reliable on the market for cash drawers.  

Our partnership with APG allows us to include the SMARTtill to our offer. Several versions are available (FlipTop version on the top picture, Slider version on the bottom picture) and they all work the same way: precision scales are installed inside the drawer which allows the device to weigh its content upon each closing of the lid. Based on the weigh variations, the SMARTtill can tell if money was extracted or inserted in the drawer.  

The SMARTtill dimensions match the regular cash drawers you can find in most points of sales, preventing from remodelling the furniture.  

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Smart safe: the CCI from Volumatic

Just like APG, Volumatic is an important company in the cash management sector, which is why we decided to partner with them to complete our offer. 

The CCI (CounterCache Intelligent) is the ideal front-office safe for a more secured and trusted process. The CCI counts the notes inserted in and is able to check for fake bills. Its very simple use increases security at the POS and traceability of each transaction, without adding any constraint.  

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NTC: Numus Transaction Controller

This is where most of the intelligence comes from. Numus Transaction Controller is our own minicomputer, installed at each cash point, ensuring constant communication between the devices in the store and our servers. Connected to internet and to the SMARTtill© and the CCI, it ensures a good connection status at all times. 

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