Numus offers a flexible pricing solution based in the cash levels per week and per store. The following price estimations are based in the all-included solution: hardware, CiT and software. No up-front investment is needed, all included for a small transaction fee, similar to credit cards. The higher your cash levels, the smaller your transaction fee. If you already have some hardware elements, such as SmartSafes, Numus will integrate them in the service lowering the transaction fee for your business.

Level 1


Small sized

Your company cash rotation

€ 5.000 p/w

Level 2


Mid sized

Your company cash rotation

€ 15.000 p/w

Level 3


Large sized

Your company cash rotation

€ 50.000 p/w

Level 4


Mega sized

Your company cash rotation

> € 150.000 p/w

Numus will bring this to you

No upfront investment
  • Use the most advanced hardware without facing a huge expense
  • No need for depreciation
  • Positive ROI is guaranteed
  • Risk free decision
  • Pay only for how much cash your store receives
  • No hidden fees
  • Scalable service, in case of increment or decrease of cash usage
  • Prepared for any incident
All included
  • All elements necessary for the complete automation of cash are included
  • Maintenance of hardware is incorporated in the fee
  • Only one contract to manage the whole process
  • Insurance of cash is part of the service
  • Receive only the necessary CiT visits in your stores
  • Numus algorithm optimize cash levels
  • Maintenance only when is needed
  • Received the best hardware for your necessities

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