How It Works

All transactions are real time monitored and can be seen immediately in the Numus Cash Portal. The cash payments are immediately booked on your account. Every moment of the day you can see your exact cash position over all your cash points and in detail per store.

Numus guarantees your cash payment as soon as it’s made and put in the till drawer. And the good thing is that you don’t have to invest in the hardware. The automatic counting drawer(s), Smart Safe,  and even the cash transport, are all included in the Numus Cash Payments Service.

Cash Payment in store

  1. A customer decided to purchase an article and is paying it with cash.
  2. The cashier will select the payment method. The POS system will send an order to open the Smart-Till.
  3. The cashier places the client’s cash in the smart till.
  4. The cashier closes the Smart-Till that automatically counts the money.
  5. In case of discrepancies, they are automatically recognized and alarmed, so the cashier can act when the customer is still in the checkout process.


  • Tested to a minimum of one million operations
  • Cash Bases quality
  • Notes and coins are automatically counted after each transaction
  • Immediate notification of top-up and cash lift needs
  • Automatic real-time cash reconciliation within seconds
  • 100% accurate cash value & reconciliation data
  • Configurable for any currencies and denominations
  • Load bearing sensors beneath each coin and note compartment
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Full automatic Smart-Till

  • Counts the money automatically
  • Employees never touch cash
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Reduces cash handling time
  • Remote real-time cash status management
  • Improves customer service and productivity
  • Eliminates discrepancies in cash
  • Food hygiene guaranteed
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Cash Payment Amount Booked on Numus-account

  1. A file is sent with the amount and data of the transaction.
  2. The file is processed and sent through the Internet to the Numus servers, with an order to book the transaction in the merchant’s Numus account.
  3. The merchant Numus-account is connected with the merchant bank. The merchant’s bank receives the information of the transaction.
  4. The money is immediately available for the merchant to use it.

Deposits from Till Into Smart Safe

Once the money deposited in the SmartTill reaches a predetermined amount a notification will be displayed to initiate the skim process. The cashier or manager will extract from the SmartTill the exact amount indicated in the notification message. If no amount is extracted the SmartTill will send an alarm message to the supervisor. The cashier or manager will deposit the extracted amount in the Smart-Safe. It will automatically detect counterfeit money and count the money. Once the deposit is done the SmartSafe will send a file. It will process the information and detect if there is a discrepancy in the skimmed amount from the SmartTill and the amount deposit in the SmartSafe. In case of discrepancy an alarm message is sent to the supervisor. All the information is being recorded for easy further investigation. The money will be safely deposit in the Smart-Safe due to its robustness and constant connection. The technical status of the Smart-Safe is tracked in real time and the information can be accessed through the Numus Plaza. In a case of misuse of the Smart-Safe or trying to access the money by non-accredited people, an automatic message is sent to the supervisor and police forces.

Cash in smart Safe is picked up by CiT

Accredited CiT companies serve Numus clients by collecting the money in their stores and delivering change money. Armed professionals will take care of the operation following the requirements of each specific store. Security and convenience are guaranteed. The ordering process is fully automated. The Smart-Safes connected to the Internet, included in the Numus services, will transmit real-time information to Numus Plaza. Using a forecasting algorithm Numus Plaza will make the order to the CiT, optimizing their visits to the store and keeping and cash levels at the stores.

Cash is counted in Cash Center

The money collected to the CiT is carried to a Cash Center. These facilities process vast amounts of money with accuracy and efficiency. This is the last physical step of the money. From here it will be repackaged or destroyed, in case of unfit money. After this, the money is counted and verified again. It will be booked in the account of the merchant. It is the most secure way to process cash payments as all the procedure is done by professionals under strict surveillance measures.

Cash is transferred to Numus bank account

After the counting the money is transferred to Numus bank account. Numus proceed to transfer the available balance to the merchant’s bank account.

Numus proceed to transfer the available balance to the merchant’s bank account

Numus in-house developed cloud software, Numus Plaza, powers the whole service. Providing a level of visibility and optimization never seen before in cash payments. Build with the most secured security mechanism to provide access in real-time to cash-related activity to all parties involved.

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