You Handle Cash Yourself

Do you recognize this? Numus will bring this to you
Wasted time counting money, from sales assistants and managers No more counting
Employees overstressed: they can make mistakes when handling cash, they do not like to count, cannot focus on sales Employees focus on sales
Risk of robberies: external and internal Smart-Safe to keep the money
Money shrinkage: Continuous mismatching at reconciliation Profit protection, your cash is insured
Trips to bank without protection Accredited guards pick up the money
No accountability when several employees use the same till All transactions are registered
No optimization: Inefficient in-stores processes, do not know how much money is in your business Optimize your cash levels and human resources
No control of the expenses of cash One contract to manage your cash payments
No visibility, it is only possible to control cash levels at the end of the day Know at any moment the amount of cash at your stores

Much More Benefits

  • Time savings
  • More efficient in-store processes
  • Employees focus on sales
  • More accountability
  • More security
  • No up-front investment
  • More liquidity
  • Booking automation
  • Profit protection
  • Cash optimization
  • Easy implementation
  • Full cash visibility
  • More control
  • Process automation
  • One centralized service